We Simplify

Business Hurdles

Founded in 2006, Viva Business Consulting started with a strong audit and financial background. This initial step helped us to comprehensively understand the characteristic and challenges of businesses. We grew our regular client list from 5 in 2006 to a total of 400+ in 2016 and expanded our expertise to be able to consult and deliver solutions in legal, finance, human resource and advisory field.


We meticulously and flexibly tailor our service packages to meet client needs and reduce cost as our clients vary in different business industries, fields and sizes, including a noticeable number of well-known multinational giants as well as local SMEs, leading business pioneers and individuals.


Today, we has built a great team of dynamic client service executives and senior business gurus who hold an extensive contact network in Vietnam that enable us to handle the most complicated business issues you might encounter.

Why Viva Business Consulting ?

Value – added services

We deliver practical advices along with newest updates on business management, local regulations and financial news in such applications as
newsletter, direct consultation, publication and conferences.

Local know-how

Our team is a combination of global experience and local know-how, who think and act in an entrepreneurial manner just like you, who strive for the very best to deliver powerful solutions for your business.

Excellent Client Service

We are passionate about creating great service experience as we constantly strive for improvement to minimise turnaround time and simplify complicated working process.

Service Fee

The proposed prices always accurately reflect the quality of our work, our
extensive after-sales service, and our endless effort for innovation.


  • hanhlt

    Ms. Hanh Ly

    Customer Relationship Manager
  • hanhdo

    Ms. Hanh Do

    Representative Office Consultant
  • hong

    Ms. Hong Luu

    Legal Manager
  • viva business consulting

    Mr. Dinh Nam Hai

    Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
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