Viva company was founded in 2006 with a strong audit and financial background, in the context of opening and integration with participations of Vietnamese entrepreneurs.

Many entrepreneurs, despite working harder day-by-day than any others, suffer regrettable consequencies which should have been avoidable with an effective management system and competent associates.

Dedicated to the utimate target of the audit profession which is neither to identify faults in executive management, nor to offer solutions only, but to help entrepreneurs anticipate and prevent potential risks, as well as make active and best use of all business resources.

VIVA has chosen to work hard and extensively to accompany business founders, executives and managers with highly systematic, efficient and qualified outsourcing and consulting services.

Going on the chosen way with our diverse client base in almost sectors of the economy have enabled us to accumulate a wealth of extensive and practical knowledge in business laws, taxation and finance, HR, payroll and employment, corporate administration and governance.

In addition, thanks to the qualified staff and the network of partners from agencies and organizations in taxation, audit, law, and administrative systems, we have effectively utilized and constantly accumulated knowledge and resources in oder to move up together with our clients in a ‘spiral’ direction.

Why Viva Business Consulting ?

Value – added services

We help clients identify potential risks, thereby setting up corrective and preventive solutions. We work with our clients right from the beginning to preserve and develop our business resources in a sustainable way.

Local know-how

With our extensive expertise and numerous experience in international and domestic business environments, especially a management system enabling the effective integration of our team’s knowledge, skills and experience accumulated over totally hundreds of years into clients’ work, we strongly believe in our capability of reviewing and delivering solutions that help you challenge conventions.

Provision of services in a professional and whole-hearted mannere

We set out criteria and methods to serve clients in accordance with ISO 9001 – 2015 quality management system.

Service Fee

We look forward to receiving your appreciation and trust, considering that material values is only the outcome and reward for the contributions we have made.


  • hanhlt

    Ms. Hanh Ly

    Customer Relationship Manager
  • hanhdo

    Ms. Hanh Do

    Representative Office Consultant
  • hong

    Ms. Hong Luu

    Legal Manager
  • viva business consulting

    Mr. Dinh Nam Hai

    Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
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