financial statement audit

Notice on financial statement audit for FDI companies

financial statement

Notice on financial statement audit

According to the Dispatch No. 17/2012/NĐ-CP dated 13/3/2012 of the Ministry of Finance, the companies below must have their annual financial statements audited:

  • Foreign-invested companies;
  • The credit institutions established and operated within the Law on credit institutions, including branches of foreign banks;
  • Financial institutions, insurers, reinsurers, insurance brokers, branches of foreign non-life insurers;
  • Public companies, the organizations that issue and trade in securities;
  • Other companies and organizations that must be audited according to relevant laws; the companies and organizations that must be audited by foreign auditors or their branches in Vietnam.

How to effectively save audit cost of annual financial statement report.

  • Identify audit objectives, workload and choosing suitable auditor in advance.
  • Get audit schedule and contract signed within the last quarter of the fiscal year to avoid busy season
  • Effectively file and manage documents and business records in a clear and accurate manner (Business Record Management)
  • Having professional accounting system as well as skilled staffs to provide information and explanations when needed.

It is highly recommended to find a prestigious audit party and sign audit contract from Novemmber 2017 to efficiently control the workload and avoid the busy season ( January to March) as well as to ensure service quality and get the best service price.

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