Tips On Representative Office License Extension

license extension

Tips On Representative Office License Extension

Every representative offices operating in Vietnam need to pay close attention to the expiry date mentioned in the permit of establishment. License extension is very important. Fail to extend the license on time means you are operating without license, this is very risky because of serious penalties and fines from the authorities and the business will be named in the blacklist of the state agencies.

license extensionThere are many reasons may prevent you from extending the license properly, and you should prepare for at least 03 months before the deadline. It would take time to get all necessary dossiers done for the extension. Moreover, the authority will audit your previous operations, tax declaration and settlement as well as other condition before deciding if your license will be extended or not, the period of new license will be valid for 1 to 5 years, depending on the reasonable of submitted application and records.

Our practical experiences can identify every legal requirement / manage for the full procedures / representative of you for any query or requirement from the officers… Your new office license will be obtained in smooth and efficiency manner:

  • Prepare 08 kinds of papers according to our checklist
  • Just sign and stamp the prepared dossiers
  • Wait and receive successful result from us within 30 days

Beside the new license, representative offices should consider to get renewal of work permit, temporary resident cards and taxation for expats staff and their relatives. These costs can be saved when it is managed to sort out at the same time.

With more than 10 years of delivering employment consultation for  more than 1000 foreign recruitment cases in Viet Nam, Viva Business Consulting is capable to consult and implement any query you have in the most practical way. We prevent your business from any potential risks in advance so you can recruit and manage foreign employees in the most simple and cost effective way.

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