Prepare The Compliance Cashbook Of Representative Office


Prepare The Compliance Cashbook Of Representative Office

After every 3 to 5 years of office operating, the Tax Department will ask your office to provide cashbook, bank statements and all relate vouches/ lawful invoices/ emmployee profile, proper salary payroll for inspection. Tax office will focus on every of your transaction to make sure your payment will meet the current tax and money laundering anti regulations.

cashbookHow can we always be ready to meet these inspection? Please go through some key points below with us, we hope you can find it useful.

1/ Collect monthly original vouches – arrange and store in standard files (Business record management)

  • Bank statement and vouches.
  • Petty cash.
  • Salary and Allowances.
  • Others expenses.

2/ Internal audit and taxation

  • Prepare standard cashbook
  • Review office’s activities under current regulation for every transaction; Set up the relation between the transactions legally and optimally.
  • Calculating optimal payable of taxes amount, remove the existing risks and prevention of risk arising; Complete set of lawful documents for every transaction.
  • Preparing Personal Income Tax (PIT) Report; tax settlement; tax obligation certificate; complete dossiers for tax exemption and reduction; Prepare internal reports for the Chief and Head office

3/ Consultant and other procedures

  • Apply, renew, amendment, supplement, dissolution business/office license.
  • Visas, work permit and temporary residence cards for expats.
  • Change the chief of representative office.
  • Annual operation reports to the Department of Industrial and Trade.
  • Protection of intellectual property rights with proper registration and duly protection title.

4/ Business record and  Paper Works

  • Drafting and reviewing on every business document, contract, memorandum, agreement, decision… in English and Vietnamese.
  • Legalize paper from oversea.
  • Translate in to English, French, Japanese, Korean, …
  • Notarization, duly copy all types of documents.
  • Business forms.
  • Business laws and regulations in bilingual languages English – Vietnamese and apply in pratice local cases.
  • Manage business records in accordance with ISO standard and Kaizen – 5S.

With more than 10 years of delivering business consultation for  more than 1000 foreign representative offices in Viet Nam, Viva Business Consulting is capable to consult and implement any query you have in the most practical way. We prevent your business from any potential risks in advance so you can operate the office in the most simple and cost effective way.

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