Preparing And Managing Business Reports in 2017

Preparing And Managing Business Reports in 2017

Preparing And Managing Business Reports in 2017

Properly archiving and preparing business records is both a mandatory requirement for auditing in many government agencies and internal management tools.

preparing business recordsMany mistakes and risks arise from organizing, arranging and controlling the records system improperly and improperly from the beginning:

  • A high valued invoice without enough documents to prove the legality and validity can result to the impossibility of deducting VAT and collecting the Corporate income tax.
  • Salaries and many benefits paid to employees without proving documents may address the enterprise to additional Corporate income tax.
  • The records submited to banks, partners and government agencies is improper or takes a lot of time …

With a system of professional and practical experience, VIVA BCS will help you overcome – prevent it thanks to the Business records management system as follows:

  • Classifying and listing each type of records according to the characteristics of each unit.
  • Consulting on the principles of creating, standards for each type of record, risk management and control techniques.
  • Creating a folder system with labels under ISO and Kaizen – 5S principles.
  • Arranging records according to accounting principles and archiving them on each folder.
  • Monthly and quarterly checking the completeness, legality, rationality and validity of each type of records.
  • Making reports of errors, risks and solutions including risks due to missing records, lack of records, wrong records, incomplete submission of reports, erroneous and unreasonable data, etc; Preparing independent report to all relevant authorities.
  • Timely completing each missing record.
  • Preparing a guidance on how to organize the archival and exploit the dossier system; the principles and professional measures of administrative administration, providing the form and document.
  • Archiving electronic records for important files, records to coordinate and report.

Consequently, the records is managed right from the beginning, in each month and quarter:

  • The record system is organized and archived scientifically, neatly and always ready for management purposes.
  • Quickly identifying any deficiencies, errors in reporting and documentation records in both professional and managerial terms.
  • Enabling prevention and timely remedy of all risks.
  • Easily controlling and handing over when there is a change in personnel; Enhancing information management and security.
  • VIVA is ultimately responsible for the perfection and reliability of the information system in each folder.

We help you to design your goals and compliance solutions as well as provide skilled staff to execute and control the process while taking responsibility and delivering final clear and optimal results.

This proposal applies to foreign businesses and representative offices in Vietnam. Please send service request to: for detailed coordination plan.

With more than 10 years of delivering business consultation for more than 1000 foreign representative offices in Viet Nam, Viva Business Consulting is capable to consult and implement any query you have in the most practical way. We prevent your business from any potential risks in advance so you can manage foreign employees in the most simple and cost effective way.

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